Tuesday, February 20, 2007

CEO Expectations

Recently one of the large IT vendors with a blue logo published a report on what CEOs expect from the CIO and how they percieve the role of the CIO. This report spawned many a critique and proponents of what the survey of the CEOs said.

Key finding specific to this part of the world was that the CIO needs to evolve an understanding and appreciation of the business and how IT can work lock-step with the business to deliver value. According to the report, the CIO still has a long way to go in realizing this goal.

Contrary to the report however a panel discussion sponsored by the same vendor with some CEOs revealed that their respective CIOs are doing a wonderful job of taking on roles which do add value to the business. That makes me wonder the specifics of the report.

My assessment is that the challenge as revealed by the report is more visible in the larger multinational organizations driven by the organization culture and historical evidence arising out of the HQ which translates into restrictions on what the local CIO can do. The local organizations by virtue of no such legacy provide a better platform for innovation and growth to the CIO.

Thus, as we see the adaptation of technology within the local enterprise though it started late has delivered better value and alignment to the business.

What has been your experience based on the companies you work for ?

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