Thursday, November 24, 2005

Welcome to Oh! I See

Having read so many blogs in what seems like a lifetime, I always wondered what makes these folks tick and why they end up putting content on the Internet which probably no one will every read with zillions of pages out there. But there I was reading with avid interest and many of them helped in a few tricky situations.

I am reasonably sure that there are numerous blogs created by fellow CIOs across this planet but none have as yet crossed my path. Across multitude of discussion forums the debate over what will be the future role of the CIO/CTO continues and everyone loves to advice these poor guys and gals of why they will go the way of the dinosaurs before this decade ends.

This prompted me to put together a few thoughts some based on my personal experience and the rest culled out of discussions and insights gathered from peers.

I hope you will enjoy reading and provide your candid feedback on what you see.