Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Gartner CIO Summit

Today was the last day of the Gartner CIO India summit at Mumbai. The difference which i found from the earlier CIO gathering events is worth noting from Vendors Perspective.

1. It was a paid event for CIO 1000USD. It gives a focus serious audience.
2. It has multiple round table tracks hence focused sliced audience was available to the vendor
3. Gartner had selected limited vendors for sponsorship.

In fact we were shocked when they refused us the sponsorship mentioning that they were sold out. The event content was research based and had one on one sessions.

Nothing in this world comes free. If CIO time is valuable and in shortest time they would like to grasp maximum technology and business value then only option is to pay to Gartner type events.

On business intelligence front the domain where in we are working is now becoming the top priority for CIO across the board. We had an overwhelming response from all vertical across the industry due to our participation at CIOL C-Change 07 and IE Technology Senate. It means that CIO present at that events were benefited by attending the event as they got exposed to a new value proposition in BI space.

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